Insurance reimbursement

VT insurance companies that currently cover postpartum care under the Better Beginnings Program are Catamount and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  The more requests that insurance companies receive to cover birth services, the more likely they are to cover them. Some families have found that they are able to pay for doula services with their HSA.

If you are a client of an insurance company that offers the Better Beginnings  program, you need to register by your 34th week.

From 'The Doula Guide to Birth' By Ananda Lowe and Rachel Zimmerman. Pg. 101
Insurance Companies that have reimbursed clients for doula care in the past include:

*Baylor Health Care System
*Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
*Great-West Life & Annuity
*Maritime Life
*Oschner HMO
*United Healthcare

We have a set of documents that will support your reimbursement request. Please email us to request these documents.

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